1. Job Description and Definition of "Must Haves" and "Wish List"
We understand the differences between the two items. We will assist in managing your expectations and strive to find the right fit candidates that match all of your "must haves" and as many "wish list" items as possible.

2. Define the Project Timelines and Urgency of the Search
Our process and resources enable us to gain a competitive advantage over other search firms. Your urgency drives the process. We work together to successfully meet your timelines and exchange commitments to keep each other accountable for the process.

3. Establish the Hiring Process

A defined and agreed upon hiring process ensures success. From start to finish, knowing the logistics, and what to expect, aids in securing the best fit candidate. An interview itinerary and the decision process timelines are critical to the fulfillment process.

4. Source and Recruit Candidates
We are well-trained in the art of recruiting, and have a targeted approach in providing a short list of qualified candidates quickly. We utilize our network resources and our experience in plastics recruiting to attract the hard to find candidates.

5. Screen Candidates
We utilized behavior-based interviewing techniques and listen carefully to our candidate's motivations and issues. This is a very disruptive process, and we identify all of the issues or concerns up front in order to avoid any surprises on the back end.

6. Present Candidates to Hiring Manager(s)
Our focus is to understand your needs clearly so we will provide candidates that exceed your expectations. Once we establish mutual commitment, we will identify qualified candidates for each search within two weeks.

7. Prepare and Debrief Candidates and Hiring Manager(s)

We don't want you to hire a piece of paper; we want you to hire a candidate that possesses the right balance of technical and interpersonal skills. The key is to be proactive and perform telephone and on-site interviews efficiently. We will assist in the logistics of the interview process and be certain that our candidates are well-prepared, along with identifying any crucial information that the Hiring Managers should be aware of.

8. Guide Candidates and Hiring Manager(s) Through Negotiations
Critical items are addressed with our candidates prior to receiving an offer to ensure a solid understanding of the candidate's goals and desires. We also define the compensation and relocation issues in order to provide our clients with timely information to ensure the offer will be accepted. It's nice to extend an offer, but what you really want is an acceptance.

9. Assist Candidate through Resignation Process
We take the counter offer very seriously. We walk our candidates through the resignation process and make certain they know what to expect.

10. Follow Up to Assist in the Integration Process
Retention is one of the most important issues in today's global and changing economy. We will follow up with both you and your new hire to assure the transition goes smoothly. Our relationship with our clients goes beyond the search and fulfillment process.