Ability to quickly fulfill recruitment needs

  • Multi-Positions / Multi-Site Track Record
    Our track record speaks for itself. Most of our multiple positions, multiple site and large volume clients (primarily for RN's) receive anywhere from 10 to 15 qualified candidate submissions from TTRG monthly.

  • Large and Extensive Database of Qualified Candidates
    A large database that contains current and qualified candidates available on call.

  • Recruitment Marketing Expertise
    A successful recruitment marketing approach that enables us to attract new talent and keep replenishing our talent pool on a continual basis.

  • Dedicated Recruitment Team & Project Coordinators
    Within short notice, we can respond quickly by screening, qualifying and presentation of candidates.

  • Member of Several Job Boards
    TTRG is a member of several national and professional job boards, therefore expanding our networking capacity to meet client's needs.

  • Job Fairs & Other Networking Events
    These are all opportunities to present the clients as an "employer of choice". It also helps to gain exposure for your organization, and increases the list of potential and qualified candidates we can present to your organization.

    TTRG continues to conduct presentations and attend University and College job fairs and other events across the country. Often time new graduates and post-graduates are looking for temporary assignments before committing themselves to permanent positions. Many of them also have a sense of adventure and are socially conscious, and therefore a client temporary assignment would be of particular appeal to them.