In Canada, only members with practicing memberships in a specific nursing association may engage in the practice of nursing or call themselves nurses. One exception to this is nurses holding Interim permits. The association that issues interim permits allows qualified nurses to obtain employment and practice as a nurse while:

  • Completing the registration process; or
  • Completing an education program.

To qualify for an interim permit, a nurse must have applied for registration, or reinstatement of registration, or conversion to a practicing membership. The following categories of nurses may be eligible for a permit:

  • New graduates from other provinces or territories.

  • Nurses from other countries who:
    • Have applied to write the registration examination and have an employer agreeing to provide supervision by a registered nurse (examination must be written within 8 months of permit being issued unless the Board of Directors decides exceptional circumstances exist); or
    • Are completing a qualifying program or a post-basic clinical nursing education program in the specific province

  • Nurses with current practicing membership in another Canadian jurisdiction that meet requirements for good character, fitness to practice and English fluency.

  • Members or former members of a Canadian Nurses Association who:
    • Are completing a supervised practice experience; or
    • Are completing a post-basic nursing degree, or advanced nursing certificate; or
    • May need to practice nursing to meet renewal requirements; or;
    • Are delayed in completing the reinstatement or conversion process.

  • Applicants for initial registration or reinstatement of membership who are awaiting clearance of a criminal record search.

    Process for Obtaining an Interim Permit

    • Initial Applicants: Complete an application for Registration and submit the application together with the Assessment fee and copy of your birth certificate, or other Document(s) to prove your identity.

      Members/Former Members: Complete an application for reinstatement or conversion and submit it with the reinstatement or conversion fee and other documents.

    • Complete an Authorization for Criminal Records Search Form if not previously submitted.

    • Complete an interim permit application and submit it together with the permit fee and other documents specified on the reverse of the permit application form. (Note: permit application should not be submitted before the application for registration.)

    • Allow two weeks for processing of permit application and issuing of permit. In exceptional circumstances, permits may be issued more quickly. Permits for new graduates are not issued until written confirmation that the applicant has completed the nursing program is received by the nurse's association, directly from the nursing program.

    • Processing takes longer if an applicant has been previously disciplined in another province or has had a previous criminal charge or conviction. Such an application requires review by the Registration Committee to determine if character, competence or fitness requirements are met.

Privileges and Benefits for Permit Holders

    • Permit holders may call themselves "nurses" and represent themselves as nurses while working, but may not use the title Registered Nurse.

    • Permit holders have liability insurance coverage.

    • Permit holders have access to all Association services including the library and practice support consultation.

Time Limits on Permits

    • Permits are issued for a specified period of time only. The maximum duration of any permit is 10 months unless the Board of Directors decides exceptional circumstances exist.

    • Permits for examination writers are effective until approximately 30 days following the expected release of examination results; an additional 30 days is allowed for Out-of-Province new graduates.

    • Permits for a supervised practice experience are issued for a maximum of six months.

    • When the permit expires, applicants, members or former members may not continue to work as nurses unless they have obtained practicing membership in the Nurses Association or renewed the permit.

      **N.B.** Permits are not renewed for applicants who are eligible for practicing membership unless the processing of membership cannot be completed before the permit expires.

Renewal of Permit

    • Applications to renew a permit must be in writing, well in advance of the expiry date.

    • Permits for members completing post-basic baccalaureate degrees may be renewed twice only.

    • Permits may be renewed for examination writers who are unsuccessful on the first writing of the registration exam upon receipt of the following by:
      • A completed examination application and fee;
      • A completed permit application form and fee;
Permit application forms will be forwarded to you upon satisfactory credential evaluation by the Nurse's Association.