I was internationally recruited by Trillium from Drogheda,Ireland last year 2007 and arrived in Canada on June 12, 2008. Below is an article with my picture from the newsletter at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada last August 2008.

At present I am having a great time working in ICU and am doing overtime as well. I was called last August by our Human Resources Dept and was offered to be processed right away for my Provincial Nominee application for my whole family! My application is being processed now and should be completed soon. The Hospital has congratulated me on getting a Full-Time position in ICU with them and just last week I moved to my new apartment, a close seven-minute walk to work. I'm so thankful that my colleagues in ICU and some Filipino friends that I met in the Mall helped me move and gave me some stuff like a bed, a dresser, some kitchenware, and a table to get me started in my new place. Right now I am busy in preparation for my forthcoming CRNE on October 8, 2008.

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to work here in Canada and be together with my whole family. More power to Trillium Talent Resource Group!


Daisy S.
Daisy's article

I would like to explain my experience about coming to Canada, through Trillium.  

First of all, I am very grateful and thankful to God and Trillium Talent Resource Group for getting an opportunity to come to Canada.  The services and supportive encouragement of the Trillium staff is one of the reasons I am here.  Before the initial interview, Trillium management explained  all the pros and cons, which is one of the unique services Trillium provides.   Their expert handling of registration, and the guidance and assistance they provided was phenomenal. 

As a new person from India travelling to Canada I did not face any problems. From my departure up to my arrival at my destination, there was complete guidance.  I am totally satisfied with my working atmosphere too.  I am proud to be here in Canada through a reputed agency.

Thank you. 
R. John
International Nurse 
Alberta, Canada